Packing Tips

Most of the movers in Dubai would usually provide enough quantity of boxes for you to pack your small personal items. Instruct them to deliver these empty boxes in different sizes at least a couple of days prior to your move so you can pack. Try to place your full boxes in a far corner away from furniture to give the movers enough space to work. It is very important to put clear labels on every box to indicate its content. It is helpful to group the boxes based on the nature of the content (e.g.: kitchen ware, kids toys, curtains etc). Make sure to put fragile stickers on the boxes containing breakable items to insure the movers will handle them with care.

It  is very common that movers in Dubai do all the unpacking for you. Your presence is preferable during unpacking so you can instruct them where to place your items. If you are letting your movers pack your clothes, make sure to instruct them not to overfill the clothes boxes and to handle them with care to avoid damages. It is also a good idea to use your luggage and suitcases as containers for your clothes.

Appliances such as TVs, computers, stoves and microwaves should be packed carefully with anti scratch packing material (e.g. bubble wrap). As a general practice, try to unplug all appliances before your movers arrive. would usually ask you to defrost your fridge one day prior to the move, it is important to do so to avoid wasting time during the moving day and prevent leaks during the move. Similarly, any boxes containing liquid items should be kept away from other boxes to avoid bigger damage in case of leak.

it is quite common to get back injuries during a house move after carrying heaving boxes. Please remember when lifting objects to put the loads on your knees not on your back. If you are not sure how to do this, let the movers do most of the carrying as they are well trained to do it. Don’t pack dangerous and flammable items yourself, leave this task to be done by your movers as these items require special care and handle.

It is advisable to identify a staging area where the movers can do the packing work and place items ready to be moved. If some of your items will not be moved, it is good to keep them in a separate place and inform your movers about it. Movers in Dubai are generally reliable and honest, however it is critical that you store your valuables such as cash, jewelry and other important documents in a separate box and make sure you carry this box yourself.

Avoid using newspaper as wrapping material to prevent leaving marks on your valuable items after unpacking. Instead, use special wrapping paper. Many movers in Dubai will be able to supply this material. If you are required to clean your old apartment before handing it over to the landlord, it is recommend to keep a separate box of cleaning materials and instruct the movers to exclude it from the move. Consider a vacuuming each room once emptied.

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