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Extremely satisfied with the services we received from start to finish.The best Movers in Dubai Very responsive service personnel provided a quick, accurate quote and contact throughout the experience. The moving team provided quality services and established good rapport. Highly recommend!


Moved from Dubai. We contacted 5 moving companies and Moversindubaicity only gave us the best rate also their communication thru out the process was excellent. Even providing boxes at the last minute. The best Movers in Dubai we recommended them to others.


 Dubai movers should provideminimum coverage by law. If someone gets hurt on the move he will be covered.

When comparing offers from packers movers, consider choosing the good packers movers with the high weight estimate, as opposed to the lowest cost estimate. Movers with higher weight estimates are likely more concerned with giving you an accurate estimate than being the lowest bidder, and one tactic rogue movers often use is purposely under-estimating the weight of your items. Plus they are more concerned about your relocation.

Important papers, files, business documents, important handy stuff, etc all need to be carried with you in your hands. Any loss of such documents may result in large losses for you in case of accidents during moving

Function is taken by moving furniture for carrying and lifting. Our crews are competent and powerful. They attract dollies the ramps and straps to help secure and protect your possessions and allow the most effective utilization of their labour.

Do not pack items that may ignite the cause for accidents during moving. Such items can cause explosions during moving leading to your goods’ losses as well as life loss. Items include:

    1. Chemical Liquids – Oil, Kerosene, etc. – Can cause explosions
    2. Cooking Gas Drums – Can cause explosions
    3. Any Liquids – leakage may cause damage to all other goods during transportation

If your company is considering moving to a new office space, it’s likely because the business  is growing, shrinking, or looking for a change. Moving your office can be an exciting time for re-branding and restructuring, but it’s also a complex undertaking with plenty of room for error.

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Movers in Dubai city

Moving in Dubai is meant to be easier after going through some information mentioned on                          Moversindubaicity.ae We Movers In Dubai would try to help you to identify the tools for finding a good moving way. We will be mentioning some moving tips as well as packing tips for those in need.


To start with, Us simple Call for booking. We are top in moving companies in Dubai. Our company have a good trust with Positive reviews and feed backs left by previous users through different work experiences. 


 We are professional moving company in Dubai. We will send an employee to do an in-house survey to be able estimate the exact cost of the service provided. This would be a good chance for you to take a closer look on the stuff things.


Newcity provide you quality packing material like quality paper wrap, plastic wrap, bubble wrap and boxes in different sizes.


Newcity  provide a license number with our company paper. Keep away from moving companies that are not licensed, they are not trustworthy and will not be responsible in case any difficulties or complications occur during the process of moving and would act less responsible as they legally do not exist in the first place.


Newcity  also offer an insurance that should be mentioned either in the quote or in the contract you are going to sign with the company in order to fulfill the service. You also have to pay attention to this important part and ask to add it in case it was not added by default.


Be extremely careful with movers who  request huge up-front payments, large deposits or suspicious claims. A reasonable deposit that would be a fragment of the actual whole sum agreed upon would be okay though.


Newcity Provide you contract to be signed by both sides with all details of the service that the moving company is committed to provide against a sum you are willing to pay.


Newcity start packing in the early morning an usually it takes them a one single day to make the move regardless the size of the house.


If during your moving process you experience any complications it would be of importance to report other difficulties on Our help number that are read by other our team.

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Moving Tips

Moving Tips When we are thinking about moving and movers in Dubai, it is not the packing that we worry much about, it is moving the whole family from one house to another that bothers us more. Remember not be overwhelming, just focus and make a plan. Dubai movers usually are helpful.


You also have to decide wether you want to use a full service moving company or make it a ‘do it yourself’ move. Although the ‘do it yourself’ move is usually cheaper to afford while moving in Dubai, but here are some factors to keep in mind;


Be aware of proper lifting and packing techniques. You don’t do this for a living so you are more prone to accidents.


How much is your time worth? If you are very busy at the office or would rather spend your time relaxing, weight this against how much money you save by doing this yourself.


Can you move everything you need to move? If you have items like appliances or large pieces of furniture, can you move them on your own?


Is your move covered? Dubai movers should provide minimum coverage by law. If someone gets hurt on the move he will be covered.


Movers in Dubai would say that biggest expenses go for renting the truck. Most people focus on a one day rent and neglect the additional cost. Pay attention to these. When you rent a car, budget in extra miles for unforeseen issues, for example, you might have to do two trips if you find you have more stuff than that one truck could take.


Movers in Dubai are trustworthy to an extent but still, make sure you keep all your valuables like important documents, jewelry and any other stuff that you’d fear would break or get lost with you.


Dubai movers are like most movers in any other part of the world might need some guidance. You might like to tell the them how you want your van loaded, maybe put the furniture in the van first and the boxes come next etc.


If you stay in a building with an elevator, you have to know that you need to schedule the elevator and probably pay a deposit.


You’ll have to make your arrangements for a day care for your children. You might want your children away for that time of packing and unpacking so you concentrate on the movers on your supervising role. You also have to think of your pets if you have any. We recommend getting them offside.


When moving in Dubai you got to get a good reputable mover. Check your friends’ recommendations, search online, find reviews for different companies and get at least three bids to choose from. Movers in Dubai would usually pay you a visit to make a survey before providing you with the exact quotation. This visit should be useful for you too. You should make sure that the moving company you are using is professional. Get all three quotes and then compare them all side by side. 

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